LASER Overview

The Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results (LASER) workshop series focuses on learning from and improving cyber security experiment results. The workshop explores both positive and negative experimental results, the latter of which are not often published. 

LASER strives to provide a highly interactive, collegial environment for discussing and learning from experiment design, issues, and outcomes. Ultimately, the workshop seeks to foster a dramatic change in the paradigm of cyber security research and experimentation, improving the overall quality and reporting of practiced science.

While safety and security challenges brought on by new technological advances are mounting, the overall progress in cyber security research to meet these challenges has historically been slow. The lack of scientific progress in cyber security is due in part to issues in three main areas, on which past LASER workshops have focused:

  • Learning from and reporting of unsuccessful or unanticipated results, leading to a reduction in the repetition of past failures,
  • Adequate reporting of experiments, leading to an ability to understand the approach taken and reproduce results, and
  • Solid experiment methodologies and execution, leading to reliable, conclusive results.

Each year, the LASER committee chooses a slightly different focus and approach to help the community reach the overall goals of the effort.


What's New

The 2018 Organizing Committee is forming and beginning planning for the next workshop.

2017 presentation slides are available with each abstract. 

2017 proceedings are published at USENIX.

2016 proceedings are published at USENIX.

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Further Information

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