LASER Workshop Student Scholarship Application

A limited number of scholarships are available to students to participate in the LASER Workshop. There are two types of LASER student scholarships: registration fee and travel. A student may apply for one or both of these scholarships. LASER wishes to help as many students as possible. Students may be granted either full or partial scholarships, depending on the number of requests received. Participating student authors are given priority in scholarship awards.

Please be sure to read all information on the left hand side prior to completeting and submitting your request for scholarship.

Registration Fee Scholarships

Registration fee scholarships pay for the cost of participating in the workshop. Students approved for a registration fee scholarship must register for the workshop through the normal registration process. The LASER scholarship coordinator will provide information on how to use the registration scholarship. 

Local students who wish to participate in the workshop but could otherwise not do so may apply for a registration fee only scholarship.

Travel Scholarships

Travel scholarships pay a portion of the approved travel costs on a reimbursement basis and are paid at the workshop. Attendance at the workshop is required to be reimbursed for travel expenses. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

The student must pay for travel expenses and provide receipts to the LASER scholarship coordinator, who will work with the LASER treasurer to provide a check reimbursing the student for the travel expense.

Travel expenses include transportation and hotel only.  

  • Transportation: standard coach airfare and rail, taxi, mileage (if driving from another city)
  • Hotel: up to, but not exceeding, the LASER conference hotel rate ($239/night plus taxes)
  • Meals: The workshop provides all meals on Wednesday and breakfast and lunch on Thursday. The workshop does not reimburse for any other meals.

The scholarship coordinator will work with approved scholarship students to determine the total amount of scholarship for each individual student.

Other Requirements

All students requesting a LASER scholarship of any type must provide the name, phone number, and email address of a faculty member where he/she is presently enrolled who will affirm the student's enrollment. The student should request the designated faculty member send an email of affirmation to


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